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Soft Timothy Blend Hay Box

Soft Timothy Blend Hay Box

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Our Unique Soft Timothy Hay Blend is harvested during the summer months on our rich and varied pasture land in the heart of the Somerset levels, the unique setting and rich peat soils add to the quality of the hay produced and the variety of clovers, wildflowers and grasses that the hay contains. 

The soft strands within the hay are ideal for those rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals that prefer a softer feed. 

"Rabbit teeth are open rooted and grow continually in a healthy rabbit (averaging 2-2.5mm/week for incisors and 2.5-3mm/week for cheek teeth). As the rabbit eats, the grinding of the teeth wears down the crown and keeps the teeth at a constant length. The amount of dental wear is affected by how abrasive the diet is. Grass diets are very abrasive and  prolonged grazing ensures the teeth maintain their correct length. Rabbits fed on diets low in abrasive particles that are rapidly consumed are the most likely to have overgrown teeth."

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  • Premium Hay - Hand selected and packed Soft Timothy Hay Blend, available in 2.5kg, 5kg,10kg and 15kg
  • Our boxes are 600 x 450 x 400, each box is weighed as its filled to ensure the correct amount of premium hay is sent, depending on the hay, your order may be delivered in 1,2,3 or more boxes but you can be sure the weight will be as ordered


Nothing But Premium Grass , Cut, Dried, Baled and packed into a box


We ship each order with a courier, delivery typically takes 1-2 working days, as soon as your box has been despatched you will recieve a despatch confirmation email with a tracking code to track delivery of yor order.

Return policy

We want all our customers and their pets to be satisfied with thier purchses, if for any reason you are not please get in touch via our contact page and we will work with you to resolve any issues.

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Made By Us Delivered To You

We grow, harvest, pack and send every single box of premium hay we sell, so we know whats in it, how its been grown and stand by the quality and value of what we sell.

Grown In Somerset Delivered Nationwide

Our Hay is all grown on the fertile soils of the Somerset levels, rich in biodiversity our hays contain grasses, clover, wildflowers and foliage as nature intended.